We offer you all kind of exclusives services and activities:

  • Rent of boats with or without pattern (Motor and Sailboat).
  • Tourist and gastronomical routs with guide.
  • Golf & Spa.
  • Organization of celebrations and events.
  • Rent of vehicles, from functional models to luxury with driver.
  • Services of masseuse and esthetic.
  • Transport and pick up service.
  • And other services.

With many years of experience in the real estate market on the Costa Blanca, Villas De Cine group offers a wide selection of villas , apartments and plots of land for sale or vacational rental.

If you are looking for a quality service in real estate, with an efficient and personalized consulting support, Villas De Cine is your best option.

Do not hesitate in contacting us.

Home and Film (villasdecine) is responsible for providing various locations for filming and photo shoots.

A completely safe and different way of making money out of a property is renting it for filming purpuoses. This could be the process of filming a video production, be it a film, a television series , an advertisement , a photo shoot , a catalog or any other format for the general public.

When a shoot is planned, creatives devise a place where the action is performed: this is the location. In some cases it will be necessary to build this stage, but from the point of view of costs , it is always better to shoot in a location that already exists, than to make it from scratch. We will handle the selection of properties , negotiate the price of rental with the producer , we will review and check the contracts for the filming and we will establish a schedule of start and end times, forms of payment and insurance, etc.Therefore, the owner does not have to manage the technical details. Your peace of mind is assured.

To give you an idea of ​​what type of photos we make if your home is selected for, lets say, a catalog of Carrefour, please visit the following link to see some samples:

If you want your property listed in our database , send us an email with its specifications, dimensions , availability, location and at least 10 photos to